Portal to the Public at the Detroit Zoo

is a mini-fellowship for scientists with the goal bringing people actively engaged in research into closer contact with non-scientists. It involves a number of activities designed to give scientists practice at taking the jargon out of descriptions of their work and then brainstorming and workshopping of activities to help communicate  science concepts at a number of different "Scientist Days" held at the Detroit Zoo every year. The Portal to the Public program is nationally distributed and a fantastic resource for scientists looking to connect with their larger communities. You can find more info about the program including where its happening all over the country here and a nice write-up of what its about here.  If you're interested in finding when you can catch me at the next Scientist Day at the Detroit Zoo, check here.  Hope to see you there soon!

                        Target audience evaluates my phenotypic plasticity puzzle!  



The Evolution Outreach Group

creates games and activities focused on teaching basic concepts in evolution. Originally started by several graduate students in the Yale Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, we now include graduate student members from the departments of Anthropology, Geology and Geosciences, Neurosciences, and Pharmacology and have put on events close to home at the Peabody Museum of Natural History as well as travelling to schools and summer camps in New Haven and science fairs as far afield as the Children's Science Museum in Hartford, CT. See our website for more information on activities for teaching evolutionary concepts including islands of natural selection bean races, mate choice tag, and phylogeny building exercises! 

Learning about tooth specializations at Common Ground summer camp.

Bean gathering races for modeling specialization of mouthparts.

Bean gathering races for modeling specialization of mouthparts.

Are you a parent or educator in CT interested in inviting the EOG to bring a lesson, game, or presentation to your event?  Get in touch!


We recently branched out to co-sponsor the screening of the eco-documentary film "A Thousand Invisible Cords" with the Peabody Museum and the Yale Graduate Writing Center.